Illawarra Mercury Australia: ZZ Top guitarist Billy Gibbons is on tour but says it’s too cold for surfing

BFG is at it again and this time, it’s a mad dash “down under” in Australia with fellow hot rodding pal, Jimmy Shine. The duo are making personal appearances during this season’s gathering of hot rod and custom car enthusiasts across the country. The appearances include Billy and Jimmy selecting their “Top 20” fave-fave cars which will be accompanied by a special trophy presentation for the lucky winners. Drive fast…!

By: Desiree Savage

You probably wouldn’t have picked it but Billy Gibbons, frontman and guitarist of legendary rock band ZZ Top, is apparently a surfer.

The bearded musician is more notably known for hits like Sharp Dressed Man, his love for hot rods and more recently buying into a tequila brand but not so much for carving up the ocean. Perhaps he was pulling our legs at the Illawarra Mercury prior to his concerts in Thirroul.

The 68-year-old (listed at number 32 of Rolling Stone’s greatest guitarists of all time) is in the country for a holiday with his Australian mate Rodney Brewer and decided to bring some instruments and hot rods along for the ride.

Gibbons will be doing a series of “up close and personal” appearances in Thirroul, Newcastle and Brisbane this month with Jimmy Shine (a fellow hot rod enthusiast) along with checking out car shows and a beer or two with Brewer.

The rock entourage will head down the coast road to the Illawarra on Friday but Gibbons doesn’t think he’ll stop to catch a wave.

“Today it’s unseasonably chilly,” he told the Illawarra Mercury on Thursday. “It’s some sort of a cold front, so we’re having to rethink getting into the water.”

On home soil Gibbons like to ride a vintage redwood board from the 1950s – a “delight” to ride on Californian surf breaks – also noting his signature beard isn’t too much of a nuisance though depends on which way the wind is blowing.

“It goes where we go so sometimes we’ve got to be careful,” he said. “[Surfing is] one of the great pastimes, if we have a day off we’ll definitely be hitting the water.”

Hear more of Gibbon’s stories at his Up Close and Personal Shows, Anita’s Theatre Thirroul on January 5 and 6.

2 thoughts on “Illawarra Mercury Australia: ZZ Top guitarist Billy Gibbons is on tour but says it’s too cold for surfing”

  1. Hey Billy,
    We caught your recent Friday night Up Close & Personal show at Anita’s in Thirroul.
    While it was great to see & hear you I’m wondering how you feel the show & also the Saturday night show went ?

    We loved hearing you chat & play (3 songs) but felt that the whole night seemed disorganised and , from what I’m reading left the majority of your fans disappointed.

    Would love to hear your thoughts.

    Chris Mooney

  2. Gotta love billy g…watching him now on tv Guitar Legends for Heroes…remembering seeing ZZ many times back in the 70’s at Allentown,Pa fairgrounds…#1 band of all time…jam on brother…

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