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Good day to you BFG. And thanks for coming around while you guys are on break back at Hacienda G here in California.  Nice rainy weather for having a go with our seven for the Q & A.


  1. Anyway, If you had to choose only one: cars or guitars? (And how many are there in the land of BFG?


Ah, yes…! Very much on par with the age old Solomon’s choice in the Bible.  If one is analytical about it, guitars take precedent.  When the electric guitar is played right and sounds good, some folks might give you a ride.  We can attempt to address the “how many” quite accurately with, “One’s too many and a hundred ain’t enough!”.


  1.  If ZZ Top were a motor, what would you say is the oil that keeps it moving so smoothly?


High viscosity audience is what we keep in our crankcase.  If folks like what we do, we keep running at peak efficiently yet, of course, there can always be some backfire but that’s what makes things even more interesting.  


  1.  After a start as pure blues-band and a very successful venture into eighties-pop, ZZ Top seem to have found the perfect middle ground between playing rootsy music and embracing new technologies as well. Is this something that happened naturally?


It’s not as if any of this was actually planned.  We just seem to kind of fall into things and, of course, you are right, the blues remains at the.  We’re not necessarily technology averse nor, for that matter, have the artists from whom we get inspiration.  If Muddy Waters hadn’t gone electric, it would have been a great loss to the world.  We just want to keep plugging and patching in and see where the science takes us. 


  1.  You recently grabbed a Strat from a street musician and casually jammed some blues. Do you sometimes miss the days, when you could just do that without everyone expecting you to play all the hits


That enjoyable encounter’s become a viral sensation with the reminder that there aren’t any days in the calendar to overlook. We’ve played in bars, lounges and on the street when least expected and so far, nobody’s complained.


  1.  You and your long time pal, Dusty were offered large amounts of cash to cut your trademark beards. Is there any cause or wish you’d cut them for?


We’ll, the mere contemplation of the thought of our being without chin whiskers is so chilling that it causes nervous tremors that prevent us from even conceptualizing the circumstance where this would seriously occur. We’re not exactly certain what’s behind the lengthy chin- whispered stubble now anyway…! We’ll just rock on…!


  1.  Last couple, here… Favorite film?


The Passenger – Michael Antonioni’s moody and slow moving mystery with Jack Nicholson and MARIA Schneider taking the starring roles.


  1. And last but not least… Favorite read?


Hard Boiled Wonderland by Murakami. Surrealistic escapism. So grand…!


Well, alright, kind sir. That’s a wrap for this one.  Good stuff.


Si, Señor.  ¡ Bueno !



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  1. Hey Billy I was at as meet and greet in Huber heights oh. It as my birthday Sept 24th The pictures got corrupt no pictures was very bummed out but stuff happens . How is Dusty doing ?hope he’s getting or feeling better wanted to say i did enjoy the show very much. Thanks for rockin still!

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