The Austin Chronicle “Margaret Moser Tribute: Roky Erickson”

Rokkervil: Roky Erickson (l) and Billy Gibbons with Okkervil River and Margaret at the 2008 Austin Music Awards, Austin Music Hall (Photo by Todd V. Wolfson)

On Margaret’s personal and passionate way of writing about music

We found this interest piece driving West through Texas posted in Austin’s famed entertainment rag, “The Austin Chronicle” extolling the virtues of the wondrous writings of Margaret Moser. Margaret served the vast array of Austin’s happenings for over four decades and boosted the careers of too-many-to-mention rising stars from all points around that notorious Capital City.

Margaret took a special delight in noting the remarkably robust return to the scene by Roky Erickson, founding member of “The 13th Floor Elevators“, the outfit that single handedly ignited what became known for creating the sounds of the “Psychedelic” movement.

The inspiration springing from the well known friendship and association between Roky Erickson and Billy F Gibbons is epic. An alliance which currently remains stridently emotional and active on today’s global music scene.

Pictured above is a group image treasured by Margaret from her personal file standing as reminder of great times and great moments in musical mayhem ferociously deliver by the coupling with Roky and Billy. No doubt, they are conjuring up the next entry into the sounds of modern day Psychedelia.

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