Billy F Gibbons Signature Drum Key

On sale NOW! Billy F Gibbons Signature Drum Key! Grab yours now in gold, chrome, antique brass and antique copper. Head over to to buy yours NOW!

These drum keys are cast metal and strong enough to use daily as a drum key but beautiful enough to collect. All keys are in stock but limited quantities are available. Drumkeyshop ships internationally as well as domestically! A portion of the profit goes to charity on each key so you’re helping out others while getting a drum key you can use daily.

1 thought on “Billy F Gibbons Signature Drum Key”

  1. Personal to Billy:
    Hi, Billy, I´m a drummer guy from Sweden, and I just want to tell you that you´ve been my favourite guitar player and ZZ Top my favourite group since I first got “Fandango” on vinyl from my brother at the age of 4 (born ´73). You´ve followed me through lifes up´s and down´s, like the soundtrack of my life a bit. It saddened me to hear about Dusty´s passing recently. I know you get lots of fan-mail, time is precious, but just wanted to say it while we are both still alive: Thank you Billy.


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