‘TOUR DE LA CASA’ T-Shirt to Benefit The ZZ Top Crew


To our fans,

We are offering a fresh new ZZ Top Tee-Shirt with an original watercolor design, painted by Billy F Gibbons.

With the purchase of this special, ‘TOUR DE LA CASA’ Tee, 100% of the net proceeds goes directly from the band and you, to our loyal crew..! Thanks…!

Your pals,

Billy, Frank & Dusty

2 thoughts on “‘TOUR DE LA CASA’ T-Shirt to Benefit The ZZ Top Crew”

  1. We just ordered two tee-shirts from Hamburg.
    Together we will face the crisis.
    Let’s stand together and support artists and the crews. It is a hard time for them.
    But don’t forget there will be sunshine after rain! ☀️

    Klaus & Leo

    @Billy, Frank & Dusty:
    Maybe you like to sign our tee-shirts!? This would be great. Thanks for your concert in Hamburg. The sound was absolutely fantastic!!! We hope we see you soon again.

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