[Video] Pre-Order “The Big Bad Blues”

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The Big Bad Blues, as the title suggests, focuses on Gibbons’ lifelong love of the blues and rock & roll, showcasing the blues-influenced vocals and guitar licks that have together served as the foundation for his numerous hits over the past five decades. The album features 11 tracks balancing some classic covers like “Rollin’ and Tumblin’” and “Standing Around Crying,” along with some of Billy’s signature new blues originals. “We successfully made our way through those uncharted waters with the Cubano flavor of Perfectamundo and completed the journey,” says Gibbons in distinguishing The Big Bad Blues from its predecessor. “The shift back to the blues is a natural. It’s something which our followers can enjoy with the satisfaction of experiencing the roots tradition and, at the same time, feeling the richness of stretching the art form.”

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  1. Hi,Billy
    It was great to meet you in Nimes on 04/07/19 and shake your hand whilst my wife took a photo.
    You are a gent.Loved the concert later at the Roman amphitheatre it was a great night.Since then I’ve listened to your solo albums and I love them I play them all the time. Thank you billy for that moment in Nimes a day I will never forget.

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