3 thoughts on “Billy F Gibbons Guitar Giveaway”

  1. Saw you in Pocatello , Idaho while going to school and working security at your gig…you were so kind to give me a couple of picks and talk to me afterwards..It really tickled me when you and Dust twirled your guitars…fortunately I was able to see your show in Vegas a few weeks ago and then take my son to see you in Boise…he was as excited as I was standing directly in front at Outlaw Field..PS: In between my 22 year militay career, and 15 year English Teaching gig I broke the picks you gave me on my old les Paul…But the enjoyment of your music won’T EVER BREAK…thanks for that. Richard E. Baugh
    734 Hubbard Ave
    Pocatello Idaho.83201

  2. Hello I live in Conroe now but use to live in Houston and my cousin when I was little took me to see you when you were in the moving sidewalks. Was wondering when you were going to put out another album with them

    1. Just signed up for your newsletter been a fan of your band since I was a teenager I’m 58 years old now and I loved your concerts while you’re picking I love the blues and tell you what some bass guitars Dustin comes up with somewhere there’s got to be a fountain of youth playing a bass guitar love you guys you guys are just awesome I always try to play guitar better now Bailey and then drummer back there brake you’re awesome drummer I truly truly be so cool9

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