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Say, Billy… Please tell us how you three guys have stayed together since 1969…!


That’s a good point, amigo. And, to paraphrase the late, great Sun Ra, “space is the place.” We give each other enough so we’re always rewarded by reconnecting both on stage and in the studio. We still travel separately and hold individual lives and when we get together out on tour or in the studio sessions it’s something of a joyous reunion and then, of course, we become a three-headed monster. 


How will ZZ Top’s upcoming 50th anniversary be celebrated?


Well, we’re set on ridin’ the party train we’ve been on all this while. No sense takin’ a detour when groovin’ in the exotic. The 50th will, most likely, be along the lines of our 10th, 20th, 30th and 40th: more rockin’, not stoppin’.


Will ZZ release another album of new material?


We’re always working up new stuff and the current aim is releasing the forthcoming material in some sequential way.. like subscribing to a magazine (or, in this case, comic book).


I read that Depeche Mode impacted “Eliminator.” Is that true and if so, how did it impact the album?


Ah, yes…! Depeche…! We became aware of contemporary electronics inspired much by their outfit and sought to incorporate some of their technology in what we wanted to do. It still come out as based in the blues but with some refreshing touches. Again, the root, it’s still the blues. 


What can be said ZZ Top is most proud of ?


Gotta go with not just induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by Keith Richards, the man, the legend, the friend, the rollin’-est of Stones.


What has yet to be accomplished?


We are forever in search of the recipe for the perfect enchilada. We’ve mastered guacamole so that’s another mountain to master. 


What’s something that someone doesn’t know about BFG?


If i were to shave off this beard you would’t be able to tell me apart from George Clooney.  


Please let us know of a special dining spot outside of Texas…


The cheese steaks ordered at an ungodly hour at Pat’s and / or Geno’s in Philadelphia.

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