Wow…! It was only yesterday when BFG took delight in bass-guitarist, Dusty Hill, returning to his oddball keyboard meanderings briefly surrendering his trusty Fender 4-string to dabble on the keys once again.

Dusty’s previous shenanigans behind the ivories takes us all the way back to 1983’s “Eliminator” featuring Mr. D’s now famous fingerings on “Velcro Fly”…the quirky composition that treated ZZ fans to the sounds of Dusty’s VOX Continental organ.

Seems that Billy, discovering Dusty’s unexpected hidden talents on the keyboard, learned of Señor Hill’s admiration of another fan of the ivory 88’s, San Antonio’s, Augie Meyers, who hammered the keys with The Sir Douglas Quintet.

Dusty, admittedly being a bit shy of showing off his interest in the organ, let it slip between takes during the “Eliminator” sessions by playing along with “Velcro Fly”, filling in a subtle, yet very effective, supporting piece propelling the tune towards it’s ultimate appeal.

(watch the Dust here) –

(and here):

Just goes to show that there’s more than meets the eye when
“The same 3 guys play the same 3 chords”… It’s what they’re playing ON …!

Whether it be thrashin’ on ‘Fender bones’ or sticks and stones, we say… ROCK ON…!

– – – Elvin McBride

Special thanks to California’s Mr. Jimmy Shine, hot rodding expert and master builder, who fabricated the custom keyboard featured on tour with ZZ Top.

We will feature a spotlight interview with Jimmy Shine in an upcoming exclusive.

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