What most fans know, “The Drifter” is now a familiar nickname for one of Texas’ most fascinating and respected players from the vast riches of blues and rock ‘n roll. Following the recent release of Flanigin’s heralded solo work with the disc, titled of the same name, “The Drifter“,

Mr. Flanigin steps out once again to surprise and delight the followers of the great LA-based blues band, “The Red Devils“, who celebrate an unexpected 25th anniversary regathering. A real blues-rock revelation for 2017.

This latest outing brings Flanigin out from behind his famous Hammond B3 keyboard to strap up the trusty, vintage Gibson Gold-Top electric and slam the 6-stringer like the Lone Star “gunslinger” of which he is famous.

Standing alongside his Texas and California pals, Flanigin shines brightly delivering some seriously sizzling chops that make die-hard blues fans drop and come up wanting more.

Mike remains true to his roots sends up breathtaking chord combinations each night, topped off with his fierce single-string savagery that makes for a truly satisfying earful of entertainment.

With an enviable, long lasting association with the likes of Jimmie Vaughan, Billy Gibbons, and Eric Clapton, Mike’s identifiable technique can be found on the new disc with The Red Devils out now.

It’s hard to imagine spending a night without “The Drifter” blaring out loudly from the speakers, yet the lure of his luscious and well lathered leanings invite tracking him down where-ever to experience the charm of his wicked ways.

Yes, Mike “The Drifter” Flanigin is stayin’ and layin’ down a good groove where-ever he goes.

Make no mistake, “The Drifter” will be gettin’ down in yo’ town when he gets there. Don’t miss it…!

—Erin Copeland
New Music Expression

Mike is currently touring with The Red Devils and also performs with The Jungle Show and The Mike Flanigin Trio


  1. Billy, are this the same Red Devils with whom Mick Jagger cut an unreleased album ca.1992? The Drifter is one of my favorite players

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