The Taco Shed


BFG and Mexican Fare…?!?!?

Oh, yeah…!

Well, our main man, BFG, is always on the lookout for a sensational spot serving sweet and spicy staples with a savory slice of that fave-rave favorite of the borderland desert Southwest…namely, Mexican Food…!

And, unexpectedly, far from “The Lone Star State” Mr. G encountered a lively and lovely lass from Houston, Texas, making the rounds at a surprisingly stunning eatery just outside the music driven community of Macon, Georgia at the aptly named destination called “The Taco Shed” being overseen by the illustrious owner and head honcho, Derrick Baas. Tacos for days with as many variations of the famous folded delight one could ask for. Fresh and plentiful….

BFG sez, “This place is tops!” Check it out next time ya’ pass through Macon. Enjoy!



2 thoughts on “The Taco Shed”

  1. Saw you guys in Macon last night, amazing show!! Only one complaint, I had a backstage pass from the 90-91 Recycler World Tour & had hoped to get y’all to sign it for me but as told by concert staff “no way” I was disappointed by that but still enjoyed the show! Hope to make it to another show in the future!!
    A forever fan,

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